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Please, talk to me! I don't bite, really!

Check out some of my artwork, or if you want, I'm almost always up for an rp.

Icon by: :iconcheshei:
Nyah nyah stole this from :iconivydarkrose:

-Alrighty, welcome to the questionnaire. Here you will answer multiple questions, be sure that you're the only Creepypasta OC here. Be sure to answer the questions as truthfully as possible. Time to begin...-


-First let's talk about appearance and your name.-
Arthur: I'm well... Arthur.
Cinder: I... My real name I do not know... The voices call me Cinder.
Thing: Alvnra ibotgip pa!

Any nicknames?: 
Arthur: I have a few demeaning ones from lower occupants, but no.. Not really actual nicknames.
Cinder: ....I guess Cinder.
Thing: Cymn eiamnk 'sgthntehi! *Lolls to one side*

If you do have nicknames, how did you get them?: 
Arthur: *Coughs*
Cinder: Being burnt alive repeatedly.
Thing: ?????

What is your age?: 
Arthur: Ah.... I think now I'm almost 35...
Cinder: Age has no relevance anymore.
Thing: 9vbeduqvi bkwgu eiwu

Day of birth?: 
All of them: *Shrug*

Arthur: Male, despite what some may say regarding my lack of upkeep on my hair....
Cinder: Female.
Thing: Mlrgmagirlii

Arthur: With the wheelchair I'm rather short and the Thing rarely sits still long enough to measure.
Cinder: Tall enough.

Arthur: 100 lbs. I think.
Cinder: I do not know.
Thing: *Eating a racoon*

Are you mortal or immortal?: 
Arthur: At the moment we don't know... I don't want to find out to be honest...

Hair color?:
Arthur: Blondish
Cinder: The color of the ashes we were covered in.
Thing: Wbron-yedr!

Eye color?: 
Arthur: Ah... Last time I checked..... I believe they were blue... There aren't many intact mirrors around to see...
Cinder: How is any of this relevant?
Thing: ??? :D

Skin tone?: 
Arthur: The lack of natural light in here has made me quite pale...
Cinder: Like burnt flesh naturally.
Thing: *Carries over a bloody hand and points*

Arthur: The same shirt and pants I've been wearing for a while now...
Cinder: Whatever I can find.
Thing: *Shrugs*

Any markings on you? Like wound marks?:
Arthur: I'd rather not...get into that...
Cinder: *Gestures to most of her bandages covered body* Good luck finding an unmarked area.
Thing: *Points to face*

Do you have any un-human body parts?: 
Arthur: No...Not really...
Cinder: No.
Thing: *Wiggles the things on its back* Likstihe?

Do you have any muscles?: 
Arthur: *Laughs* Only my brain and wit.
Cinder: Enough to move what is needed to be moved.
Thing: *Flexes protrusions*

Arthur: I believe I am still human...
Cinder: Who knows.
Thing: Gwgyglywloaio

Arthur: Weak telekinesis and telepathy...
Cinder: The voices tell me where to go
Thing: Wyoligogsgi ilew!!

-Great! Now since you answered those, lets get to the real ones!-

What is your favorite weapon?: 
Arthur: Oh, no no! We don't use weapons...

Do you have any friends? Enemies?: 
Arthur: Almost everyone is a friend here. As for enemies... He's gone now...
Cinder: ..... *Stares blankly ahead*
Thing: *Points at crudely drawn pictures of Arthur, Cinder, and Sin*

If you have an enemy, tell me why.: 
Arthur: Wouldn't you be enemies with the man who ruined so many peoples lives?

Pretend as if you were getting chased by the police, how will you escape?: 
Arthur: Police? They don't....They don't come here. Rumors you know?
Cinder: They would be dead.
Thing: Pueaeclcd rpiidt ipulorstreetoaestciaudppi presrtiaopia uisuslippdplelieodececo

Let's just say that you get arrested, how will you get out of jail?: 
Arthur: I guess I wouldn't...
Cinder: The voices tell me to kill them.
Thing: ????

You run home, where do you live?: 
Arthur: We all live in the same place. In the woods.

That's awesome, do you like living there?: 
Arthur: Not entirely, but it's home.
Cinder: Yes.
Thing: :D
Do you like children?: 
Arthur: Of course! Wonderful miracles of nature... Rarely ever judge either...
Cinder: Many of the voices are those of children. So yes.
Thing: :DDDDDD

How do you treat people around you?: 
Arthur: I hope I treat them appropriately.
Cinder: I treat them depending on how the voices act around them.
Thing: *Dragging a dead body over*

Any family members, dead or alive?: 
Arthur: Only an old friend...Who is very, very dead.
Cinder: *Shrugs*
Thing: *Points to pictures of Sin* Rebt righbo!

How did they die?: 
Arthur: Well... I... A support beam fell, and then a rock hit him in the head, caving his skull in.

Do you have any weaknesses?: 
Arthur: My lack of mobility.
Cinder: ....The quiet moments.... When I hear nothing but the outside world...
Thing: ukgbvhbuaoaqjev vijgeiigw svhqivauwogdkv eikgeqwqkdssoi ubb
If so, what are they?: 
Arthur: .....

What do you like to eat?: 
Arthur: Well, we still have quite a bit of canned goods left, and some of the lower residents eat whatever unfortunate soul they catch...
Cinder: Thing comes back with stolen food occasionally.
Thing: Frvoaayn rre ms taiooec!

Were you made fun of when you was.... sane?: 
Arthur: No, not in the slightest...
Cinder: I do not recall.
Thing: uowqvikvbve A

Did you do anything about it?: 

Did you ever get kidnapped?: 
Arthur: By technicality yes, we all have.

Any mental disorders?: 
Arthur: No.
Cinder: No.
Thing: Osda lnl otts

Your first kill, how was it?: 
Arthur: Bloody, but necessary...
Cinder: A mercy kill.
Thing: MESSY!

How did you kill her/him since you was a newbie?: 
Arthur: A....arocktotheface....
Cinder: I twisted her neck, snapping it quickly. She wouldn't have lived long anyway.
Thing: *Imitates ripping motion*

-Okay, time to break the 4th wall, you ready?- 

You meet your creator, what will you do?: 
Arthur: Thank her I guess for eventually stopping the horrors that went on...
Cinder: *Shrugs*
Thing: :DDDDDD

Arthur: Well... It feels right.
Cinder: We do not know.
Thing: *Wiggles*

What would you do in her/his world?: 

What did you see in her/his world that interested you?: 
Arthur: Well... The advances in technology are rather interesting...
Cinder: ...Medication...
Thing: Erh ofl socylite arpsha nltltg

Why did it interest you?: 
Arthur: Isn't it obvious?

-Okay guys, putting the wall back up. ^_^-

Since we are back, did you enjoy it?: 
All: *Shrug*

(Arthur's the only one who remembers his childhood, so here are one-on-one answers now) 
-Okay, time to talk about your childhood.-

How was it?: 
Arthur: It was alright.

Where did you live before you.... lost it?: 
Arthur: A nice little house in....California I think.

Lets just say one of your family members came back from the dead, your reaction?: 
Arthur: Let him die again.

What would you do with him/her?: 
Arthur: Nothing.

-Back to regular questions now.-

If you was to meet any of my OC, who would it be?: 
Arthur: Sin.
Cinder: This Melissa girl.
Thing: *Flails and rolls over drawings of Sin*

Why this OC?: 
Arthur: He already visits quite often.
Cinder: She's similar to me, and the least odd. ((According to you.))
Thing: *Lolls tongue out*

If you two were to do anything together, what would it be? 
Arthur: Talk I suppose. There isn't much to do here...
Cinder: Redeem lost souls.
Thing: HUNT!

My OC leaves, anything left to say?:
Arthur: Be careful.
Cinder: Goodbye
Thing: *Waves*
You have a mission to kill somebody, who would it be?: 
Arthur: I do not wish to say.
Cinder: The ones who need redeeming from their mortal shells.
Thing: *Drags a scientist's body out and growls*

Any new ways to kill this victim?: 
Arthur: A simple depressurization of the mind.
Cinder: Whatever works.
Thing: *Stabs corpse repeatedly with tendrils*

Are you hiding any secrets?: 
Arthur: *Sweats* W-Well of course not!
Cinder: I tell what I want to tell.
Thing: *Tilts head*

Was you ever forced to do something?: 
Arthur: Yes. A thousand times over yes.
Cinder: No and yes
Thing: ..... 0n0

Any pets?: 
Arthur: Would the Thing count?
Cinder: The Thing.
Thing: *Garbles and drags a dead bird over*

Are you a proxy? And if you are, to whom?: 
Arthur: No.
Cinder: I belong to noone.
Thing: SIN!

Did you ever have a dream that you wished to complete in the future?: 
Arthur: To walk again...
Cinder:.... To be redeemed myself.
Thing: R etnet eng ahwayivnai!

Favorite hobby when you aren't killing? 
Arthur: Writing and the occasional sketch. I also keep the files updated on the rare occasion.
Cinder: Reading.

Any crushes/dates?: 
Arthur: Not... Not anymore.
Cinder: Crushes are for the weak.
Thing: *Shakes head*

Hobbies other then killing?: 
Arthur: Already listed them.

-Okay guys, you're almost done, now, answer these last few questions.-

Did you enjoy this questionnaire?: 
Arthur: It was alright.
Cinder: Pointless.
Thing: *Sneaking up*

How so?:
Arthur: You were quite enjoyable.
Cinder: I have things to do.
Thing: *Sneaking*

What are you gonna do after this?: 
Arthur: Update the guest list, possibly read some of the journals left over, take a count of who's here... THING NO!
Cinder: ..... None of your business.
Thing: *Pounces before being yanked back*
Are you gonna kill me now?: 
Arthur: JUST GO!
I'm gonna run anyways! Like before, I hope you enjoyed!: 

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